《Sockspedia》Vol.1 Wear socks happily every day! Tips to take care of your socks - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.1 Wear socks happily every day! Tips to take care of your socks


You really want to wear your own favorite socks every day but you also worry socks being loose or getting torn. So what should you do? Let “Sockspedia” show you 4 tips to take care of your socks.

Don’t you feel that being worried and expected at the same time when wearing socks is like being in a relationship? (Nah~joking)

1﹀Handwashing socks is the best solution. 

When you need to clean your favorite socks, what would you do? Handwash them? Or throw them in the washing machine?(Or use clothing fragrance only?) Soak socks in the water of 30 ℃(86℉) or below and gently wash them by hand because a washing machine will cause harm to socks’ fabrics. If you really want to do it, make sure to turn them inside out and put them into a laundry bag for delicates and wash them on gentle. This can keep them from being damaged.

2﹀﹀Socks’ killers: Bleach and Dryers

Bleach will make socks less elastic. High-temperature dryers will weaken the fibers of the fabrics and make them dull.


3﹀﹀﹀Attaching the clothespin to the top part of the socks is key!

Many think that to keep socks elastic, they should pin the socks to the toe area of the socks. However, if you hang the socks upside down, chemicals will attach to the top part of the socks.That will later weaken the fibers, so try not to do it!


4﹀﹀﹀﹀Buy more socks!

Exactly! Buy more than 1 pair of your favorite type of socks. If you want to wear your favorite pair every day, we strongly suggest you buy 2-3 pairs and wear them in turn. This can keep them in good shape.

 #Wear your favorite pairs whenever and wherever you are! 

WIsh each and every of you could find “the socks in the eye”from the sock kingdom!