《Sockspedia》Vol.2 Want to have long and perfect calves? Here are the best selections you should never miss! - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.2 Want to have long and perfect calves? Here are the best selections you should never miss!


Everyone wants to have perfect legs. Though we cannot decide the shape of calves, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Wear the suitable pair of socks and make the best of us!


So... how to choose your fitting socks?


︿ “Choosing the best sock length” is the point Ranging from no-show socks.

Low cut 1/2 socks,to over-the-calf 1 3/4 socks, there are a lot of sock types. To make your leg shape look better, the exposed proportion of calves is critical! This part attracts people’s attention. Before choosing your suitable socks, you need to first check your leg shape. So let’s get started!


︿ Knowing your leg shape Here’s an easy way to do a self-testing.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror, relax and stand straight with your feet together. Next, separate your feet, slowly bend your knee to lower your body. Now pay attention to your knees:

1/ knees up front: normal legs

2/ knees bending outwards: bowlegs(o-shaped legs)

3/ knees bending inwards: knock-kneed legs(x-shaped legs)


﹀ Normal legs, match your outfits from the same color family Having fit legs. 

You can probably go well with socks of different lengths, and 1:1 socks is your best choice. With long and straight legs, you go visually perfect with this collection of socks. Long-length socks also allows various designs and gives you many choices.Matching your outfits from the same color can make your legs look even longer.

Recommended: Soap Bubbles 1:1 Socks / Feather 1:1 Socks / ㄔ3/4 socks / Owing 3/4 socks



﹀ O-shaped legs, highlight your slim ankles O-shaped legs are the most common leg type.

The cause is the legs curve outward at the knee while the feet and ankles touch. Therefore, from the front, the legs look curved. Wearing mid calf socks can make your legs look even better. With contrast colors and creative designs, this collection of socks can highlight the slim part of your body and make your proportion look better!

Recommended: Gaze 1/2 socks / ㄠ 1/2 socks  / Lakalaka 3/4 socks


﹀ X-shaped legs, cheat your way to long legs People with x-shaped legs usually have super skinny legs.

For choosing socks, you should focus on making your legs look longer. Over-the-calf socks such as 1:1 socks, 1 3/4 socks will be your good companions. These socks can create similar effects as stripe pants do, making your legs look straighter.


Recommended:Haliotis asinina1:1socks / Chen 1:1 socks / Glaze 1 and 1/2 socks / Wood 1 and 3/4 socks


It doesn’t matter whether you have long legs by nature or not. Just try to wear different kinds of socks and you can find your ideal socks! No matter what, always love who you are! (Stay tuned to vol.3)