Artist Liao Chi-chun’s Sock Collection: collaboration of +10・10 more and Taipei Fine Arts Musuem - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

Artist Liao Chi-chun’s Sock Collection: collaboration of +10・10 more and Taipei Fine Arts Musuem


 Taipei Fine Arts Museum ◗  Established in 1983 even before the abolishment of the Martial Law in Taiwan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum(TFAM) is Taiwan’s first public museum. The mission is to promote Fine Arts in Taiwanese society. These years, TFAM has been working with different brands to bring these works closer to people’s daily lives. Last year, +10・10 more was honoured to receive invitation.


Unexpectedly, first, TFAM gave us all freedom and trust for designers to select all artists’ collections.. Designers had thought it over for three days just to prioritize all candidates. After considerations, Liao’s artworks topped the list.


During an interview, the PM of TFAM, Yu-mei, told us, “I am surprised at your list because you select the artworks mostly from senior artists instead of younger ones! That means early-stage artworks still have potential to modern arts market.” We smiled with her reply. “That’s for sure! Facing legendary artists, we’re like a small fish in a big sea, feeling excited when seeing masterpieces.”



 ● Bond with Mr. Liao


 ◖+10・10 more + Liao Chi-chun + TFAM◗ 

We did some research to get to know more about Liao. In a series of interview videos of his juniors and students, turning into grey-haired artist, still beam with excitement like children when talking about Liao. Even though we didn’t have the chance to meet Liao, we felt much closer with this former legendary artist.

In the process of designing the Liao’s collection, designer Ciin hsiao chueh has digged into numerous Liao’s artworks to find inspiration. Ciin found that Liao would paint his favorite scenery with different lights and angles. One day, she cycled back home along a riverbank and the contour of a mountain nearby looked so familiar to her. She then recognized, “Isn’t this the mountain in one of the Liao’s paintings?” At that moment, she realized the art philosophy of Liao. All hesitation disappeared.


● The world is too huge to put everything in a painting so painters have to extend the world in canvas at best.


 Liao Chi-chun ◗  Born in a farm family in Taichung in the Japanese colonial period. Despite his poor financial background, he loved painting. He drew pictures on plain parts of Father’s expense ledger and got his pencils from peddling fried bread sticks with his nephew on his back. After graduating from Tokyo School of Fine Arts, he returned to Taiwan to teach art for his entire life. Before WWII, his works were selected several times for both Imperial and Taiwan Art Exhibits. Liao also formed the first art organization, the Chidao Association, for Taiwanese painters. After losing his painting buddy Chen Cheng-po in the Feb 28 massacre and longtime senior friend Lin Mosei, he stopped painting for a long time. Later in his life, his painting style turned from realism into expressionism. In senior years, he fully dedicated himself to art education. Beside teaching, he kept painting, trying to find new possibilities in art for the rest of his life.


Poetry of the beautiful encounter to present Taiwan’s wonder: yarns and brushes


At the time Liao studying in Japan, art features in this period were to promote artists to paint outdoors. Artworks mainly focused on trivial changes in sunlight. With solid experience, landscape painting became Liao’s favorite. By the collaboration this time, two of Liao’s landscape paintings, Kenting Park and Harbor, were chosen. Different from his expressionist works in earlier years, these two paintings were showcased with oilpants and crayons. Vitality was fully presented in vibrant colors and touch.



Kenting Park by Liao Chi-chun|
Oil on Canvas|45×53cm
Photo Credit: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Kenting Park 1:1 Socks|
3%spandex (lycra included)|24-26cm



Harbor by Liao Chi-chun|
Pastel on Paper|16.5×24cm|
Photo Credit: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Harbor 3/4 Socks|
3%spandex (lycra included)|22-24cm




After deciding artworks, challenges just began: ◯How much can we interpret in our socks ? How much original elements from the paintings should be kept? ◯How should we faithfully present the paintings in the design but in the meanwhile , overcome limitations of yarning machines, and keep our unique design styles?


▎Shortcomings of textiles can only be offsetted by their advantages themselves.



 Materials  ◖ Two types of socks use space dyed yarns. In the process of dying yarns, different colors appear in patterns. Even with the restrictions of machines, abundant colors can still be presented. Harbor3/4Socks feature in gradiant blues, showing waters and vapour nature by space dye yarns.




Harbor 3/4 Socks|Gradiant blues of
water and vapour nature were shown by
space dye yarns.



Kenting Park 1:1 Socks| Technique
similar with relief was adopted to mimic
textures of oil painting.



 Weaving Techniques  ◖Technique similar with relief was adopted to mimic the waters in the painting to display textures of oil painting in Kenting1:1Socks. Harbor3/4Socks use the same technique to present the vast of waters.


 Colors  ◖ In this collection, “Respect for the Artists” remains the painting’s true color. As for“+10・10 more Interpretation”, elements were boldly added to the original. After all, +10・10 more provides our best by embracing possibilities.

Kenting Park 1:1 Socks “Respect for the Artists” / “+10・10 more Interpretation”

Harbor 3/4 Socks“Respect for the Artists” / “+10・10 more Interpretation”


 Packages  ◖Pink, which can also be seen in Liao’s paintings, were used both inside and outside of the box.

+10・10 more had tried every possibilities just to fully present Liao’s painting styles: abundant colours and clear composition. With Liao’s painting magic, Taiwan appears vibrantly but harmoniously. This harmonious contrast is like the impression of Liao: A serious man in tidy outfits but a romantic and soft heart within.


Let +10・10 more footwears with Taiwan’s beauties be your company of daily wonders.


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