《Sockspedia》Vol.3 Are you ready? Start our adventure with invisible socks! - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.3 Are you ready? Start our adventure with invisible socks!


What are invisible socks?





The feature of invisible socks is no-show and their shape looks like boats.

In +10・10more, we call them “boat socks” a.k.a invisble/no-show socks.

Opening up every possibility with invisible socks


➶ The history of invisible socks can be traced back to mid-twentieth century. Ladies from noble families were finally liberated from traditional tennis sportswear: skirts covering ankles, long cuffed sleeves , and wide-brimmed hats. (Were they really able to hit the ball?) From pursuing fitting and practical garments for sportswomen, in the 1980s, graceful tennis sportswear became trendy. Women were able to show their arms and legs on courts, bringing the invention of invisible socks.

➵ A trend following up the 80s: Tight.In order to show the best proportion of ankles, invisible socks became a perfect choice for wearers. They are no longer worn by Japanese in their homes only.

➴ Currently in Taiwan, invisible socks are embraced by a majority of people. This volume is for invisible socks’ fans.


⌒ Wearing invisible socks is quite a joy



We know that you like to show your ankles, wear loafers, and suits. However, just remember to wash your invisible socks every day.


Feet easily get sweaty. Wearing cotton invisible socks prevent mold growth in shoes.Socks can also be the buffer between feet and shoes, reducing frictions causing blisters and wounds as well as allergies from long-time contacting dyes and shoes (materials).


⌒ Which is your suitable colour or pattern for invisible socks?


When you need to take off your shoes, it is special to have a pair of colourful, well-designed socks instead of traditional, boring black socks. At the same time, you look even gracefully and politely. Want to stretch your toes during a long ride or in a theater? +10・10more’s invisible socks help you be comfortable, free, and graceful.


+10・10more’s huge discoveries

Starting from 2014, we’ve begun experiments, freeing ourselves from machines’ restrictions. The most frequently asked question is, “Aren’t socks easily getting loose?” After five years of trials and errors, we’ve finally come out with our best version, such as Plate Invisible Socks. This type of socks are tighter and more wearable. Since then, we have transformed our invisible socks’ layouts.

Say thanks and goodbye to old socks and discover new wonders.

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