《Sockspedia》Vol.4 Tips to Help You Choose the “Right” Socks. - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.4 Tips to Help You Choose the “Right” Socks.


When buying clothes, you usually pay attention to textures and pilling but why do you only care about 100% cotton when buying socks?! Apparently, there is still something you need to know about socks! Here are 3 things you should consider when buying socks.




1100% cotton, for sure. Mom said so.(and Mom is always right.)

True! Cotton socks are breathable and can absorb sweat but are you sure that “cotton socks” are really made of 100% cotton?

Wrong! Without elastic fibers, socks will easily sag. Pure Cotton means nothing is added in the cotton.


This kind of fibers can be divided into two groups by the spinning technique, combed cotton and carded cotton.

∈ 1.1 Carded Cotton: This uncombed cotton is frequently used in clothing sold on market . The comb is rough and easy to pilling.

∈ 1.2 Combed Cotton: Shorter fibers and impurities in the cotton are removed, which makes smooth yarns and tough cotton. 

This type of cotton is also used in high quality textiles, and +10・10 more uses combed cotton to make socks, enabling our socks to be finer and more durable.



2︹︹Will dyes pose problems?

When buying socks, we choose our favorite color and directly put them in our cart, but seldom do we think much about that trouble it will bring along. Yarn’s color decides the color of socks.

However, buyers can’t trace back the quality of the yarn’s dye and even sellers don't know the quality of dye will harm people’s health. Azo dyes are widely used synthetic compounds, some of which will trigger carcinogen after contacting our skins.

+10・10more doesn’t use any azo dyes in making socks. We put wearers’ health on top priority. +10・10more wants our socks to be your best company on every journey.


3︹︹︹How long will they stay with us?

Socks’ life depends on their flexibility. No one wants his/her socks sagged for wearing just a few times.

A pair of socks has cover yarns, the outer part of socks and bottom yarns, the inner part. Cover yarns are not elastic, while bottom yarns provide stretch for socks.

Therefore, the role of bottom yarns is the soul of the socks, deciding the flexibility and durability of socks.

+10・10more chooses LYCRA® fibers for our bottom yarns as those high quality textile companies do.

LYCRA® is a type of synthetic elastic fibers, patented and made by Invista. Fibers can be stretched 4-7 times longer than their original length. This technique in socks provides wearers’ comfort and mobility they’ve never experienced before.





+10・10more has been trying every possiblities in weaving techniques with a playful heart, building a kingdom of socks. At the same time, we safeguard the quality of yarns we’ve chosen and take the world’ s beauty as inspiration, weaving it into patterns.

We hope each pair of socks is durable and can be your best company in every journey. Next time, pay attention to socks details when shopping and choose the “Right” partner for your forthcoming trips!