《Sockspedia》Vol.6 Does it have something to do with Platform 9 ¾? Secrets of names in +10・10more kingdom of socks - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.6 Does it have something to do with Platform 9 ¾? Secrets of names in +10・10more kingdom of socks


Long-beaked Common Dolphin 1/2 socks, Weight of Heart 3/4 socks, Letterpress Printing 1:1 socks, Wood 1 and 3/4 socks...Perhaps you may wonder: what does the fraction after the name of the socks mean? In this volume, we’re going to tell you these little secrets!


︿1/2 of whom?

A pair of socks includes the sock length and the foot length. The length of a sock can be thought of as the height of it. Socks on the market are usually marked only the soles of the feet. For example, 22-24cm or 24-26cm. +10・10more puts the length of the socks in the name of the pair. When a sock length halves the length of the foot, called 1/2 socks. In the same sense, 1:1 socks mean the socks are the same length as the soles of the feet.



︿Now I know the meaning of the fraction in sock names, and then what?

Since socks are intimate objects,it’s important to make a precise guess based on the sock length because socks are not like clothes, buyers can’t try them on before purchase. Here, we take +10・10more socks for elaboration.

◯ Invisible socks : These socks are no higher than the ankles and can be completely invisible in shoes. Negative film invisible socks

◯ 1/2 socks : These socks can cover the entire ankles. Poetic Mead 1/2 socks

◯ 3/4 socks : These socks cover the entire ankles and part of the calves. The bread and butter of sock sizes.Anansesem 3/4 socks

◯ 1:1 socks : These socks rise to the middle of the calves.Sperm Whale 1:1 socks

◯ 1 and 3/4 socks: These socks are also known as knee-high socks. They often go with school uniforms.Prometheus's fire 1 and 3/4 socks



This way of using fractions to distinguish the length of socks

is actually borrowed from sock factory masters.

They often say, “Is that pair of ½ socks too tight in its top?”

or “I’m still waiting for the yarns on this pair of ¾ socks to arrive.”


As the name-given rules of +10・10more socks go, we never call socks “the blue ones” or “the stripes ones”.

After knowing the passcodes among those masters, we really can’t wait to put these lovely codes in our sock names.

This way, wearers can tell from the names of the socks whether they are giants or dwarves!



︿Are all 1:1 socks have the same length?

Not exactly! Since the fraction depends on the proportion of sock length and the foot length, each pair of 1:1 socks might have different sock lengths.


Even the same pair of socks can look different because of the size of each individual’s feet. For example, if we have the same wearer with a foot length of 24cm and let him/her try on two pairs of 1:1 socks, one 22-24cm, the other 24-26cm, the length of the two pairs of socks will be different.




︿Like measuring height, can you get the correct sock length by folding the heel part of the socks in half?

Pretty close, but just to let you know, there’s still a slight gap. Different dyes are used for different colored yarns, which makes socks have different shrinkage, and besides, the practice of the top of socks and materials also play a critical part in production. When wearers wear on the feet with the whole pair of socks moderately spread out, it’s the perfect length that designers give to the socks.


∠ My lovely friends, as for what length of socks fits you the most, please review the Sockspedia vol.2!




﹀Make a guess of the sock’s fraction


• Judging from the length of the socks, this pair is Raining Road ◯/◯ socks?




Did you get the correct answer?


After knowing “the glossology” in the kingdom of socks, it will be much easier to find your Mr. Right socks online! ♡