《Sockspedia》Vol.7 Fantastic Socks and Where to Find Them! Please be seated and don’t stick your head and hands out of the car window! - log - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

《Sockspedia》Vol.7 Fantastic Socks and Where to Find Them! Please be seated and don’t stick your head and hands out of the car window!





╲The Kingdom of Socks Broadcast ╱

Maybe you are curious about this, “How does +10・10more weave these thin lines into a pair of socks that tenderly wrap my feet and stay with me to and from your home and office ?” Please take the tour bus of the kingdom of socks.

It will stop by each sector of the sock production. Ready? Let’s get started!




  ◯ The First Stop   the Designing Sector

Designers get inspired from their imagination and observation in life, which turns these thoughts into action of sock patterns. They design sock lengths, match sock colours, textures, weaving and sock top making techniques, etc. They turn these marvellous ideas into socks that shine in the world.


  ◯ The Second Stop   the Interpreting Sector




A design layout first goes to the Interpreting Sectors. Then, socks-making masters knowing machine languages will write the codes for cylinder machines, making sample socks. In the early times, tapes were the key players in the socks-making process, turning the ideal from designers to sock patterns by machines. The cassettes here did not record music, but transmitted signals to machines.

These days, modern machines can read codes, and hence, after years of fast-forwarding and rewinding, Mr. Cassette now retires from work. However, to +10・10more, we miss the good old days with Mr. Cassette.


(It’s like even with a CD player, we still recall those days with floppy disks.)



Sampling is also a part of the design process. It is by the moment of holding sample socks can the designers really have the feeling of turning those unrestrained imagination into reality, thinking, “Hi! So happy to see you!” After the sample socks are done, and the designers confirm that the appearance, colour, and overall quality are in accordance with the original designs, then we start production.




  ◯ The Third Stop   the Bingo Sector

Cylinder machines can be divided into two: single types or double types. The former can make single-woven socks and produce many variants, while the latter can make socks in a double pique look.






Weaving socks is like playing a bingo game. A machine has several feeders on it. If the colour of the yarn matches its feeder, then, “bingo!”, we can have our ideal patterns, and socks come out from the machines one after another. At this stage, the new socks are still tubular, the toe part hasn’t been sewn up, commonly known as “section”.

Sections from different types of machines also look differently. Socks from a double cylinder machine are like conjoined twins, which means socks are connected to each other and need to be cut by hand, while socks from a single cylinder machine are already separated before coming out from the machine.

  ◯ The Fourth Stop   the Health Check Sector

For the convenience of sewing in a later process, we will turn the socks inside out for checking their conditions. Like doctors checking the conditions of newborns, the worker will turn the socks inside out and pat the socks to make sure that the socks are fine. After confirming the socks quantity, we’ll send the socks to the Toe Sector for sewing.

In the past, family factories would do the checking job. It was a typical scenario in the daily lives of people in Shetou, Changhua, the central area of Taiwan.


  ◯ The Fifth Stop   the Toe Sector

At this stop, the toe part of socks is sewn by a specific machine. We call this technique “linking” and the machine, “linking machine.” In the early times, the toe part of socks was sewn by hand, but nowadays, linking machines do the job for us and they can do it even faster. With the help of the machine, section socks in line can be automatically sewn. This way, our toes will not “feel naked” and get shy because of the holes in socks.

With the training of the Toe Sector, socks as trainees can finally wave goodbye to their tubular look. Now, they can guard the big toes of their human friends. After all, treasures as our two big toes should be well protected.


  ◯ The Sixth Stop   the Beauty Sector






Socks at the early stage look baggy. At this stop, socks are going to be shaped. They get molded on metal templates and after this process, they go through the tracks and then enter steam engines, just like having a sauna. The organized line is like a roller coaster. After playing a round of the game, socks later look compact and flat. Neat fold lines also appear on socks. At this stage, socks look like what they look like in our daily lives.

Besides, the temperature of the steam needs to be adjusted according to the texture of socks. Otherwise, once the setting is wrong, socks could be gone in smoke.


  ◯ The Seventh Stop   the Name Registration Sector

After socks are shaped, their labels are sewn on them, which are just like their IDs.

At this stage, socks are well prepared to leave the kingdom of socks. They are ready to find their human owners.

Their IDs clearly label their name, the length of socks, and washing information. Socks with different textures have different IDs.


◗ Classic socks with a composed look made by double cylinder machines: Having similar texture to hand-woven counterparts, they get cloth-made ID labels.


star 1:1 socks / farm



◗ Modern socks with a fashionable and transparent look: They are tenderly wrapped to keep their look eternally perfect and slim.


Taiwanese humpback dolphin 1:1 socks / across the sea





◗ Unique socks with a various look made by single cylinder machines: They play cool with their round ID labels.


face 3/4 socks / classification



  ◯ The Eighth Stop   On the road to meet you

After a long and complicated journey, socks are finally heading on the road to meet you. With care in each and every detail and the insistence of quality, socks are destined to meet you at a destined place.


Three travel routes of the kingdom of socks: 1. Classic / 2. Modern / 3.Unique Socks of these three types are all heartily made with different brilliant ideas.

+10・10more keeps our playful heart and designs socks with different weaving techniques. We wish these well-made socks seasoned your life with fun and humour, charm and attractiveness.


 This trip is just about to start! 


Even with the winding road ahead and a heavy pouring rain, +10・10more is still walking the winds up with you.