about - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

+10・10more, independent socks brand, has begun our journey since 2012. Diversity is our design ethos, presented in socks length, textures, and weaving techniques. In summer, we indroduced different species in the Pacific. In winter, we collected ideas and elements from hieroglyphs, music, mythology, and time travel. Imagination makes all design possible. Different to most fashion retail industries,  +10・10more focuses on the Taiwanese socks industry, combines local weaving advantages with designs, be innovative, under no constraint of machine, and offers people in Taiwan more choices in life.


In 2017, because of unique design perspectives, +10・10more had our brand book,

+10・テンモア 台湾うまれ、小さな靴下の大きな世界 published in Japan. In 2018, for the

first time, we were invited to design Chihiro Iawaski collection in the exhibit of the

100th anniversary of Chihiro Iawaski's birth. Instead of transferring Chihiro’s work

directly onto sock artwork, +10・10more added their own design elements and interpretation

into this collection. +10・10more has gained a lot of publicity internationally thanks to

this collaboration with Chihiro Iawaski. Since then, +10・10more launched another

2 collaboration inspired by two arts legends, Alfons Mucha and Liao Chi-chun.


Combined with cutting-edge design and constant experiments in the traditional socks industry,

+10・10more will keep using a rich variety of materials to open up your adventurous spirits

and playful hearts to the world.