Oceans of Socks - series - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

Oceans of Socks


+10‧ 10more “Oceans of Socks” series is designed based on the Chinese radicals. We try to weave all the ideas into an index of socks and sail over seven seas to connect with your heart. Chinese characters are created in accordance with observation in everyday-life. Every character has its own unique look, carrying the messages to be delivered and turning into many other layers of meanings. That’s why when we encounter a character, we could feel that except for the literal meaning, there’s always a lot more hidden behind it, waiting to be interpreted. +10‧ 10more has categorized the latest design by 10 different radicals. Each pair of socks is designed with different meaning of radicals, bringing a whole new challenge to ourselves- presenting the relationship between radicals and characters by the variation in color shades. Designing socks is exactly like combining and dividing the radicals to create characters. There’s going to be more and more sparkle during the buildup. We convey our appreciation for life and our practice of life in the language of socks, just like the emotional puzzles waiting to be solved by our imagination. Crossing over the Oceans of Socks, here we get to see you and weave what’s only for you to know. Together, we read the “Oceans of Socks” over and over again.