Sea is all around - series - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

Sea is all around



The summer wind spreads the cloud and mist away. So we can see this thousands years old, giant fish-shaped island, singing with waves as always. Residents on the island light the night and dust salt off their shoulders everyday. They look at this narrow land and assume this is all they have.

However, they probably forget this gigantic sea. The only place where adorable whales can live. Whales cause big scene and strong wind. The long and short waves from their flappy tails are the Earth’s beats. “Whales belong to the sea, islands belong to the sea, Eurasia, the gigantic land belong to the sea...”. Taiwanese Dawu tribe’s ethos shares the same concept - love and respect toward the sea.

The richness and harvest of the world are wherever the sea is.

There is no boundary in the world with sea all around us.