modern-day mythology - series - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

modern-day mythology

Mythology, like clues to the puzzle, is the tool for mankind to interpret the world.

The modern cosmology is shaped by ever-changing scientific knowledge. However, is it the truth? Humboldt, who once measured the world, said, “ the objective world, conceived and reflected within us by thought, is subjected to the eternal and necessary conditions of our intellectual being.”Without your heart settled, the world around you would crumble.

We chose Mythology as a general design theme to share the lights and answers to your questions in lives. There are 10 socks’ designs in Prescriptions from God collection. Hoping that with the background of 10 mythological stories, people can find their own way in interpreting stories. By wearing these socks, people can take these funny stories as inspirations everyday in life.

To interpret mythological stories to date, +10 carried out a bold experiment- using traditional double cylinder machines to weave the whole collection. All 10 types of socks are made by traditional socks-weaving machines and techniques. Even though socks’ colours might be restricted to the machine, we still make good use of different weaving techniques and develop special yarns.

With the 10 different story lines, we weave these interesting and fun elements in socks, presenting variety as always.

Mythological stories leave room to the imagination, which is similar to what +10・10more does. Each pair of socks can have different interpretations among wearers. With various interpretations passing down for centuries, we can see the true colours of gods.

As for the doomsday, let’s deal with it under the guidance of wisdom.