Handbook for travelers in time - series - +10・加拾|襪子王國的人當然要穿好看舒適的好襪子

Handbook for travelers in time


Designed for those who just want to escape the “present”.

With unconventional suggestions, the Handbook for travelers in time offers you some must-encountered and avoidable regrets, and provides hidden version’s doomsday on the way. Supplies 10 breathtaking routes for you to explore dimensions faster than the light’s speed and destroys time continuity along the way.

No matter how much you hate “the present you”, it’s hard to be back when the journey starts, far or near. Socks are a must in time travel. +10・10more is like your old friend from a bar, enjoying every moment starting from the Big Bang with you.

With the Handbook for travelers in time, expand your heart storage to 42TB and quickly hit the road!(Oops...I mean the route!)


 Kind reminder 

*This guidebook only works in the 21st century’s Earth travel routes. Please contact local travel agencies for the return trip’s information.

*Wherever you go, there you are.